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Dakota Digital ECD-200BT Electronic Signal to Mechanical Cable Drive Adaptor

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Dakota Digital Electronic Signal to Mechanical Cable Drive Adapter - ECD-200BT




Please note: These are currently on backorder for 4-6 weeks.

The missing link between your cable-driven speedometer and late model electronic transmission!  Measuring 5 1/2” x 3 1/2” x 2”, the ECD-200BT allows the use of a mechanical-cable speedometer to be used in conjunction with a modern drivetrain which provides only an electronic output.

• 36” cable available for GM thread-on, GM clip-on and Ford clip-on style speedometers (ECD-200BT includes ONE of those options, please choose which one you want when you make your purchase).
• Powerful motor is quiet enough to mount the module inside the cabin.
• Waterproofed case can also be mounted under the hood, or even inside a fenderwell.
• Bluetooth-enabled to sync with available mobile app for stone-simple set up.
• Supplied programming switch and LED readout make setup easy.
• For OBD II equipped vehicles, the supplied pigtail will easily plug into the DLC, simplifying the wiring connections.

The ECD-200 uses PID control of the cable speed to provide quick, smooth operation as well as preventing overdriving or damaging the speedometer needle. Consider this the most precise and easiest to use cable-drive unit on the market!

These units provide enhanced features beyond the current ECD-100 Series.

Bluetooth setup and control allows for ultra-simple calibration and customization. The Dakota Digital Accessories app is currently available and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store.

There are three variations of this system currently available, please choose which one you want when you make your purchase:

ECD-200BT-1   GM/Ford thread-on, 5/8”:



ECD-200BT-2 GM clip-on:



ECD-200BT-5 Ford Clip-on Style:


Back of unit: