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Dakota Digital Automotive AM / FM Electronic Antenna ANT-1000

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Electric Antenna - Automotive - ANT-1000


The ANT-1000 AM/FM (only) electronic antenna is designed to perform as well as a standard rod antenna with no external rod or arial. Requires 12 VDC. Typical mounting locations are to the top of the windshield or rear window, inside fiberglass body panels, under upholstery, etc.  For best reception, it's recommended to mount at least two inches away from any steel, and mounted as high in the vehicle as possible.

Antenna dimensions: 3.5" long, 3/4" thick and comes complete with a 9' cable.

Mounting the antenna:
The best location (steel bodied vehicles) is inside the
front windshield. Keep the unit at least 1” to 1-1/2” away
from metal. In fiberglass vehicles, virtually any mounting
location can be used.

Connecting the antenna:
The antenna is plugged into the antenna jack on any
standard radio. An adapter may be needed if your radio
has a non-standard jack or a jack of a different size. The
single black wire is connected to a 12 volt power source.
While the power antenna wire can be used, it is recommended
that the wire be connected to the radio power
lead. The antenna grounds through the radio. The radio
must be well grounded.