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Auto Meter American Muscle 5 Gauge Kit Elec. Speedo & Elec. Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Volt, and Fuel Level - 1202

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Kit Box
Elec. Speedometer & Elec. Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Volt, and Fuel Level

Gauge Series:
American Muscle

Performance meter movements finished with chrome bezels, embossed spun aluminum dials, glowing orange pointers & crisp white LED lighting for maximum style and performance.

AutoMeter has brought together the most popular gauges into a simple kit. The kit includes a speedometer, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and voltmeter.

Feature Points

  • Modern white LED through-the-dial lighting provides clear visibility during nighttime use
  • Kit includes fuel level sender (240E/33F), oil pressure sender, water temperature sender, 2-wire hall-effect speed sender that is compatible with GM/Chrysler applications (7/8" - 18THD), sending unit adapters (1/4", 3/8”, and 1/2-1/16" NPT adapters), mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation.
  • Auto Meter’s race proven air-core electric instruments provide quick and accurate readings while keeping hazardous fluids outside of the vehicle
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible, compatible with nearly every street car or race car electrical system
  • Speedometer has a simple push button, 2 mile drive calibration. No dip switches and can be reprogramed at any time to accommodate changes in gear ratio or wheel and tire combination.
  • Speedometer is compatible with most two wire sine wave and three wire hall effect vehicle speed sensors.
  • Speedometer features lit LCD odometer - capable of registering one-million miles with two resettable trip odometers

Product #: 1202

Size: Kit 3 3/8" & 2 1/16" (Kit 85.7mm & 52.4mm)

Type: Kits

Range: 160 MPH / 100 PSI / 100-250 deg. F / 8-18 Volts / 240ΩE-33ΩF


Shipped with:

Sending Units

  • Fuel Sender 3262 - Oil Sender 2242 - Water Sender 2258 - VSS Sensor


  • 3/8" NPT and 1/2-1/16" NPT adapter fittings

Mounting Hardware

  • Brackets Included

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