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Dakota Digital 2-1/16" Round Air Pressure Gauge Blue Display SLX-19-1

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Air Pressure Gauge - SLX-19-1 (blue display)

bezels dimensions


Dakota Digital Solarix Series instruments offer a high brightness, vibrant blue vacuum fluorescent displays providing a lifetime of trouble free use. They are fully backed by a Limited 24-month Warranty against manufacturer defects and provide the accuracy and performance you've come to expect from Dakota Digital!


Requires use of specific sender for desired range. 0-150 or 0-400 psi (sold separately):

  • SEN-03-1: Air Pressure Sensor 0-150psi
  • SEN-03-5: Air Pressure Sensor 0-400psi


1 psi for 0- 150 psi range/ 2 psi for 0- 400 psi range.

  • Choice of either black or chrome bezel.
  • Machined aluminum housing.

Why Two Pressure Ranges?

Dakota Digital offers two pressure ranges for a very simple reason: The overall pressure in the air system. With the advent of faster air systems came higher pressure. Dakota Digital offers 0-150psi sensors as well as 0-400psi. If your air ride system is working on less than 0-150psi, then choose these sensors as they will offer the best resolution and accuracy for your air ride system. If your air ride system is operating at, or above 150psi, then choose the 0-400psi for the extended range necessary with your quicker air system.