Dakota Digital 1967 Styled Chevy Camaro / Firebird Retrotech Analog Gauge System RTX-67C-CAM-X

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital 1967 Chevy Camaro / Firebird RTX Instruments - RTX-67C-CAM-X

Designed after stock 1967 Camaro clusters, these all-new packages look like a simple speed/tach combo until you turn the key, then four auxiliary readings appear! Oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel and volts are comprised of LED bars; invisible to the average observer but front and center for the driver. Each pod has a TFT message center for additional information at your finger tips.

Although the graphic styles vary between 1967 and 1968, the systems will interchange between the years, so choose your preferred, or period-correct version! The RTX-68C-CAM-X is available for purchase separately in our store if you want the style for the 1968 Camaro.

Will fit directly into stock or reproduction gauge bezels, sold separately (bezel is NOT included).

*Bezel shown in any pic is not included, shown for visual/presentation purposes.
System uses OEM or reproduction style bezel.

The RTX series is the latest from Dakota Digital, focused on retaining that stock look without sacrificing the late-model features you love. Every effort has been put forth to incorporate OEM design elements regarding the layout, face styling and indicators. A casual glance may dismiss these as original equipment, but once you hit the switch and the LED backlighting comes on in your favorite color scheme, all doubts will be removed.

Starting from scratch, CNC machined housings are filled with electronics designed and built in-house, helping Dakota Digital once again raise the bar for aftermarket instrumentation. The high-definition TFT message centers can be fully configured to display just about any piece of information needed, or just leave the vintage-looking tumbler odometer on the screen for a totally stock appearance. As you’ve come to expect from Dakota Digital, the RTX series utilizes a central control box to make installation and setup as easy as possible. Please scroll through the listing below for a more in-depth look at the RTX series and lots more pics!

MTX-67C-CAM Metric system (KM/H and degrees Celsius) is available as a custom option for no additional cost, but may take approximately 12-24 weeks to build. Some systems may take a little longer due to COVID-19 and high demand affecting production. 


Which extra items that are not included with this kit does Dakota Digital recommend that you consider?

Because Dakota Digital includes the required sensors for the Oil Pressure, Water Temperature and Speedometer with all its instrument systems, in many cases no additional parts will be required. However, you may wish to consider the following optional items, available for purchase separately in our store:


GSS-3000 - Universal Gear Position Sensor

All Instrument packages contain a gear shift indicator display allowing the transmission gear position (Park, Reverse, etc.) to be shown within the message center. The GSS-3000 accommodates automatic transmissions with 2- 4 forward gears and enjoys a simple and straightforward installation.


DIM-1 - Light Dimming Knob

Although Dakota Digital instrument systems are programmable for both day and night intensity levels, the DIM-1 will allow rotary, or on-the-fly brightness adjustment added convenience.


SEN-06-1 - Fuel Level Sensor

Dakota Digital instrument systems are designed to utilize a stock or aftermarket fuel level sensor. If a universal or replacement sensor is desired, the SEN-06-1 is a great choice.


BIM-01-2  - OBD II/ Can Interface Module

The BIM-01-2 OBD-II (J1850/CAN) Interface connects directly to the ECM diagnostic port to extract engine and transmission data and supply it to the instrument system, making installation a breeze.

More info about this system and pics are available below.

The following pictures show examples of some of the user selectable backlighting color options. Bezel shown in any pic is NOT included, shown for illustrative purposes only:

Emerald Backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM-X Emerald Day

At Night:

RTX-67C-CAM-X Emerald Night

White Hot Backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM-X White Hot Day

At Night:

RTX-67C-CAM-X White Hot Night

Fire and Ice Backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM Fire and Ice Day

At Night:

RTX-67C-CAM Fire and Ice Night

Ice and Fire backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM Ice and Fire Day

RTX-67C-CAM Ice and Fire Night

Vivid Orchid backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM-X Vivid Orchid Day

RTX-67C-CAM-X Vivid Orchid Night

Wild Aqua backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM Wild Aqua Day

RTX-67C-CAM-X Wild Aqua Night

Wild Rose backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM Wild Rose Day

RTX-67C-CAM-X Wild Rose Night

Yellow Flare backlighting:

RTX-67C-CAM-X Yellow Flare Day

RTX-67C-CAM-X Yellow Flare Night

Back of Unit

RTX-67C-CAM-X Back of Unit

The following is available for purchase separately in our store (not included):

ICM-67C-CAM - Reproduction Front Dash Carrier. Black with Chrome accent rings, can be purchased separately in our store.

Limited Lifetime Warranty through manufacturer, see installation manual for details