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Dakota Digital Rectangle Odyssey Series I Fuel Level Gauge 0-99% ODY-06-1

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Odyssey Series I Fuel Level Gauge - ODY-06-1

Dakota Digital revives the Odyssey Series I of digital instrumentation! The re-engineered Odyssey Series I instruments are updated to the newest technology, offering fully machined aluminum housings, backlit annunciators for a completely "blacked out" look when off, fully adjustable warning indicators, and a host of additional features to truly revolutionize the industry once again!

Dakota Digital Odyssey Series I instruments offer a high brightness, *non-glare vacuum fluorescent display for excellent daytime visibility and a lifetime of trouble free use. Odyssey Series I instruments are fully backed by a Limited 24-month Warranty against manufacturer defects and provide the accuracy and performance you've come to expect from Dakota Digital!

Range: 0- 99%

  • Choice of either Teal or Blue display.
  • Choice of either Satin or Chrome bezel.
  • Machined aluminum bezel and housing.

* Non-glare lens option available on Teal display only.

Gauge preset to work with the following fuel senders resistance ranges:

Sender Type                              Empty Resistance                         Full Resistance     

GM30                                                   0ohms                                            30ohms   

GM90                                                   0ohms                                            90ohms

GM250                                                40ohms                                            250ohms

Ford10                                                73ohms                                            10ohms

Ford150                                              20ohms                                            150ohms

VDO                                                   10ohms                                            180ohms

Stewart Warner/Sun                              240ohms                                          33ohms

Import                                                112ohms                                           4ohms


Sensor SEN-06-1 available for universal applications, fits most fuel tanks (sold separately).

Don't forget: When making your payment, please choose which bezel (satin or chrome) and which display color (teal or blue) you want.