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Dakota Digital Exhaust Gas Temperature Sender EGT 0-1600°F 6' Length SEN-12-4

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Exhaust Gas Temperature Sender - 6 foot length - SEN-12-4

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sender

Range: 0- 1600°F ( 0- 870°C )
Resolution: 10°F ( 5°C )

SEN-12-4 - 6 foot length

Other lengths available in our store (sold separately):
  • SEN-12-5 - 10 foot
  • SEN-12-6 - 14 foot
  • SEN-12-7 - 18 foot

This listing is for one SEN-12-4 sender with 6 foot length. This sender is designed to work with Dakota Digital's ODY-12-1, ODYR-12-1 and SLX-12-1 exhaust gas temp gauges and BIM-12-1 expansion module.