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Dakota Digital Boost and High Fuel Pressure Sender Unit 0-100 PSI SEN-09-4

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Boost and Fuel Pressure Sender - SEN-09-4





SEN-09-4- Boost and Fuel Pressure Sender

0 - 100 psi (boost, fuel pressure)

1/8" NPT Male Thread

Compatible with:
ODY-09-4, ODYR-09-4, SLX-09-4, ODY-10-2, ODYR-10-2 and SLX-10-2 only.

Note: For diesel fuel pressure applications, it may be necessary to install a pressure snubber and/or isolator to extend the life of the sensor.  Due to high pressure spikes experienced in certain applications, this snubber will absorb some of the damaging variance.  This issue is most commonly seen in 98-02 Dodge Cummins applications.