Dakota Digital 65 Pontiac GTO LED Replacement Tail Lights LAT-NR410

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DAKOTA DIGITAL 1965 Pontiac GTO LED Replacement Tail Lights  - LAT-NR410

from Dakota Digital





Dakota Digital LED lighting systems are engineered to utilize your existing wiring harness, tail light lens and assembly**. Whether you have OEM wiring, or have updated to a new style harness, installation is effortless! 

LED Modules are included for both left and right Rear Brake Lights. Dakota Digital Tail Lights include the LED Brake / Tail Light modules, wiring and moisture resistant crimp on connectors.

Dakota Digital LED Tail Light Modules are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

** Tail Light housing and lens are not included. If they are not able to be cleaned or repaired new replacement housing and lens are recommended.

Shown Installed (tail light housing and lens are not included):

What is included with your purchase: