Dakota Digital LACT Series Linear Actuator 110 lbs of Pulling/Pushing Force - Various Sizes

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Linear Actuator

LACT series: 6" to 12" lengths available

LACT-6 or LACT-8 or LACT-10 or LACT-12

Please specify which ONE of the following lengths you would like. You will not get all of them.

his listing is for ONE of the following items:
  • LACT-6 - 6" Linear Actuator (Length: 11-1/2" retracted to 17-1/2" extended in 10 seconds)
  • LACT-8 - 8" Linear Actuator (Length: 13-1/2" retracted to 21-1/2" extended in 13 seconds)
  • LACT-10 - 10" Linear Actuator (Length: 15-1/2" retracted to 25-1/2" extended in 17 seconds)
  • LACT-12 - 12" Linear Actuator (Length: 17-1/2" retracted to 29-1/2" extended in 21 seconds)

All new linear actuators (LACT series) provide 110 lbs of pulling and pushing force and come in 6", 8" , 10"  and 12" lengths to accommodate a variety of uses. The actuators can be used in applications from lifting trunk lids and tonneau covers, amplifier racks, compartment covers and storage drawers. Each unit has built in limit switches and comes complete with machined aluminum mounting brackets, control switch and wiring harness.

Mounting Plate Dimensions:

1-1/8" x 1-1/2"W

*Note: -Included mounting brackets add 1-1/8" of length to each end of actuator if used.

You can also purchase the PAC-3200 Dual Linear Actuator Controller (to be used with 2 LACT actuators) or the PAC-3100 Single Linear Actuator Controller (to be used with 1 LACT actuator)  separately in our store.