Dakota Digital Alpha-Numeric L.E.D. Gear Shift Position Indicator DGS-1

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Alpha-Numeric L.E.D Gear Indicator -DGS-1




This listing is for ONE gear shift indicator. Please let us know which ONE of the colors you would like when you go to purchase. 

This innovative LED digital gear shift indicator displays shift positions for both standard automatic and overdrive transmissions. Available in three different colors DGS-1R (red LED), DGS-1G (green LED), DGS-1B (Blue LED). All displays are compatible with the GSS-2000 Gear Shift Position Indicator Sending Unit.

Unit will dim at for night use, when DIM terminal of GSS-2000 is activated.

Unit measures 1-3/8" x 1"

**GSS-2000 sold separately and is required to operate this display.