Dakota Digital CMD-X 6-12 Function Automotive Remote Accessory Controller

Dakota Digital

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Dakota Digital Commander Series 6-12 Function Remote Accessory Controller - CMD-X



Dakota Digital is proud to release the revolutionary CMD-X. This product was engineered with one word in mind: Flexibility! Providing up to 12 channels of fully-programmable outputs, the possibilities are truly endless.

Common applications include: Power windows, electric door locks, power trunk, electric tonneau covers, tilt front ends, moonroof control, etc. Offering a limited lifetime warranty, the CMD-X also includes a pair of 6-button remote transmitters for ease of use!

Code-hopping technology is built within the CMD-X for the ultimate in security. Several external relays are included to make installation simple and complete for nearly any application!
The CMD-X package includes:
-2 key chain style transmitters
-2 dual relay packs
-2 single relay packs