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Dakota Digital RGB Lighting Control Module for HDX RTX GRFX Gauge Systems BIM-RGB

Dakota Digital

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The BIM-RGB LED Controller allows you to control vehicle accent lighting, suitable to match a Dakota Digital instrument system, or completely standalone.  This module allows you to control your own external LED strips, or using a range of models which Dakota Digital offers. From under-dash lighting, to door accents, this module provides the perfect solution to creating a cohesive theme from the dash to the custom interior. 

•  Output designed for 12VDC RGB LEDs, common anode configuration.
•  BIM-RGB can be synced to match other Dakota Digital HDX/RTX/GRFX color schemes.
•  Can also be used as a standalone RGB LED controller.
•  Outputs for up to four strings of LED’s.
•  Each of the four outputs can drive up to 32 inches of LEDs up to 1.85amps.
•  Optional switch inputs to support custom installations.
•  31 LED color selections to choose from.
•  Programmable via Bluetooth with the Dakota Digital Accessory app.
•  Selectable Music Mode flashes the LED’s to the beat of the music