Dakota Digital Power Window Kit for Flat Panel Glass Regulators Channels PWL-1

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Power Window Kit for Flat Panel Glass


from Dakota Digital


The PWL-1 Power window systems completely replaces your old window lift mechanism and window channel with and exceptionally smooth and quiet electric operation at the push of a button. The PWL-1 is compatible with "Flat" or "Non-curvedwindows and provides a maximum window travel of 18".

The PWL-1 Power Window Kit includes:

  • Right and Left Regulators
  • Right and Left Lower Window Channels
  • Full Wiring Harness
  • Three Switches and Two Switch Plates
  • Crossover Kit
  • Instructions

*Switches and Wiring harness and covered by a "Limited 24 month" Warranty (from Dakota Digital)
**Window regulators are covered by a "Limited Life-time" Warranty (from Dakota Digital).