Dakota Digital Odyssey Series I Quad Air Pressure & Tank Gauge Monitor ODY-19-6

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ODYSSEY SERIES I, Quad Air Pressure Monitor 

from Dakota Digital


ODY-19-6 Satin Bezel, Blue Display:


​​Please note: These gauges may have a lead time of approx 2 weeks. For international orders, it will get sent to our shop first, then we will send it out to you. 

Description from Dakota Digital:

The ODY-19-6 Quad Air Pressure gauge can monitor and simultaneously display the front and rear pressure on front/ rear or four wheel independent air ride systems to display each air bag for proper pressure. The ODY-19-6 also displays the air tank pressure with other readings.

Dakota Digital instruments offer a high brightness, vacuum fluorescent display for excellent daytime visibility and a lifetime of trouble free use. Dakota Digital instruments are fully backed by a Limited 24-month Warranty against manufacturer defects and provide the accuracy and performance you've come to expect from Dakota Digital!

  • User adjustable high and low warning points can trigger an external light or buzzer. (not included)
  • Night dimming.

Range:  0- 300 psi

A single sensor will be required for each pressure reading. For example, a full independent (front/back/side to side) air system would require 4 sensors (1 for each airbag). A fifth sensor can be added to monitor the air tank pressure if desired.

Please note: The sensors are REQUIRED to make the gauge work, but they areNOT included with the gauge. They can be purchased separately in our store.

1 psi

  • Choice of either Blue or Teal display.
  • Choice of either Satin or Chrome bezel.
  • Machined aluminum bezel and housing. 

The BIM-19-2 (updated version of BIM-19-1) shown in the installation manual is INCLUDED with the gauge. The SEN-03-9 sensors are sold separately.


The following sensors can be purchased separately (not included):

SEN-03-9 - Air Pressure Sensor 0-300psi, available for an additional $37.95 each