Dakota Digital Automotive Rear View Mirror with VFD Temperature & Compass MMR-1

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Rear View Mirror with VFD Temperature and Compass


from Dakota Digital


MMR-1 - Rear view mirror with an outdoor temperature indicator and a Path Point Compass System. Great looking (Teal only) Vacuum Fluorescent Digital Display matches Dakota Digital teal instrument systems. Displays both Compass and Temperature readings simultaneously. Night Vision Safety feature provides auto-dimming feature when dangerous glare from vehicles traveling behind you hit the mirror. VFD Compass/ Temperature Mirror uses an existing (not included) universal glue on style mount.

Temperature range: Temperature Resolution:
-31° to 131°F +/- 3°F
Compass displays vehicle headings of: 

N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E and NE

Unit Measures 10-1/2" wide by 3-3/4" tall.